Environmental Sustainability Skills for Managers

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Environmental Sustainability Skills for Managers

About The Course
Environmental Sustainability Skills for Managers

This two-day course is intended to support managers and supervisors from any industry in understanding the strategic and operational implications environmental sustainability has on them, their team and department.

This course builds on the knowledge learned on the Environmental Sustainability for the Workforce course, with greater focus on the details, giving managers and supervisors the tools to implement their broadened knowledge and skills.

This is ideal for team leaders and managers who want to oversee organizational improvements in environmental sustainability.

  • Implement organizational improvements by understanding the strategic and operational.
  • implications of environmental sustainability.
  • Build on existing knowledge and really drill down into the detail, gaining tools to implement.
  • your broadened knowledge and skills.
  • Reassure leadership that you have the skills to deliver practical change and improve business.
  • resilience through streamlined efficiencies.

Learning outcomes

On successful completion of this course the learner will have the ability to:

  • Evaluate drivers for change and barriers.
  • Apply knowledge and understanding to baseline data to monitor and improve performance.
  • Apply knowledge of environmental sustainability across the value chain.
  • Demonstrate the importance of implementing resource efficiency.
  • Demonstrate how employees can improve environmental performance.
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